Jasmine (Yasmine) Sidhu-Novogradac — Pearland, Texas

Jasmine has no moral values. She slept with my husband knowing that he was married. They worked together at a hospital in Houston, TX. She was also married with two kids. They slept together at a work conference and planned out their affair to sleep together at this conference. Unfortunately I filed for divorce and so did her husband because they kept lying and did not end their affair. They ruined two families with children. Watch out for this women, she presents herself as a great business woman but she has no moral values and will sleep with married men… she does not care. Although all the fault does not fall with her, my husband at the time was a willing party, so they are both scumb. Her name is Jasmine (Yasmine) Sidhu-Novogradac and she lives in Pearland, TX.


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