Janet Nova — Salem, Oregon

I met this girl two years ago at my husband’s work party when I first met her the group of girls where excited to see him so I had to introduce my self and said in a firm tone to her Hello I AM IVANS WIFE! Throughout the night I kept hearing oh your husband is so amazing he does everything for us. I told them I’m glad he does he’s winning a trophy tonight as employee of the year but he is loosing the one at home! I kept seeing these girls when I would go visit my husband but I noticed this girl was a bit more distant. Well one time I took my mother in law into where he worked which is Mor furniture and she hugged her as if it was her mother-in-law. That’s when I knew something was a little off I let my mother-in-law know what was happening and I told her I guarantee you that your son will leave because of her. He left the house on our wedding anniversary he swore there was no one else yet again he brought this girl around on my daughter’s birthday! I am so disgusted in both of them. I know it’s a man’s fault because he’s opening the door to someone else but a man will go as far as a woman will allow him to. She had no respect for herself or for others my daughter has suffered so much for her dad and this person is the reason why! I know karma will come around nothing lasts forever! I wonder if her momma knows how much of a tramp she is!


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