Janelle Pavier — Leeds, United Kingdom

Janelle Pavier (Butler or Roberts) and I were together for almost 18 years, right after her and her other ex broke up. We had been sleeping together after she told me he was abusive. She started talking to a guy at work in November 2014. While we were on holiday she told me they were just friends as she worked in HR. Then out of nowhere she breaks up with me after I started new job in March 2015 saying that she had decided that marriage was over 6 years previous but stayed as I was earning good money and she did not have anywhere to go, not even a day later moved in another guy she know 3 weeks. She used me for my money, and she kept coming round saying she wanted to sort out our marriage but I did not know she’d moved in with this guy. This went on for 18 months. She would come to see me from hours away and she would expect me to take her out and pay… She just uses guys for her own pleasure and what they can give her and when she “outgrows” them she moves onto the next one. I have been diagnosed with PTSD due to her abuse. She also says the reason for the decline of our marriage was me… not the fact she was a lying cheat.


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