Jamie VanVorce — Berkshire, New York

On Wednesday August 16, 2017 Jamie sent NINE text to Chazz saying the words “I Love You” she physically said the words another FIVE to SIX times that day. When Chazz left for work that day Jamie gave him a hug and said “I Love You” a little after 5pm Jamie sent Chazz one last text saying “I Love You” after Chazz got to the job he worked between 60 to 70 hours a week…. [Chazz busted his ass so he could pay every bill…. Pay to make sure the kids had good birthday’s Good Christmas’s. Made sure they had the clothes and supplies needed for school because Jamie’s drug addicted ex husband payed her about one months worth of the FIVE YEARS of child support he owed her and was court ordered to pay.

The same Ex-Husband Chazz transported to as many functions that HE (The Ex) CHOSE to go to. Including a minor league baseball game where his son was selected to race another boy in the stadium on an obstacle course for a prize. Of course the Ex Husband missed that because he was busy “Shooting Up” in the bathroom….] So an hour and forty minutes after Chazz was at work he gets a text from Jamie saying ***”Im just done i can’t do this anymore. I have moved out. Theres a letter at the house explaining everything”*** She left in such a cowardly fashion refusing to even answer the phone. Her reason in the letter she left Chazz was “Its time for ME to love ME” is what she said. She had told Chazz several times that she would exhaust every avenue to save their relationship before giving up. She also told Chazz that he never had to worry about any trust issues because she has “morals” and would never betray his trust. However she moved in with another man THAT NIGHT!

Her relationship status changed from Engaged to Chazz on Wednesday to in a relationship with Brigham Williams on Friday. Now she has been telling everyone that she has screen shots of Chazz propositioning woman on his Facebook trying to have sex with them. There are two problems with this story… One at the time of these messages Chazz’s Facebook was logged into using an IPAD… which Chazz does not own and has never used… Second major problem with this story all of the messages where sent the same day around the same time… The greatest mistake made during this LIE… One of the women “Propositioned” was Chazz’s AUNT… Thus proving the entire ploy to be an Avalanche of Bull Shit. If you were to give Chazz or any of those woman a polygraph and asked if they EVER had sex it would show that the answer “NO” and 100% would be the truth. If everyone shares this, MAYBE the man she moved in with two hours after telling Chazz “I Love You” will get an honest idea of who Jamie is.. Also to show Jamie that more people believe in actual Value and Morals… NOT HER LIES!!


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