James A Whyte – Arizona

People beware of this man,James A Whyte he is a liar, cheater and can con anyone to feel sorry for him. He left his wife while she was at work leaving her $30K in debt in her own name while in the mean time texting and calling her and begging not to file for divorce while in the mean time giving her stories of how he was starving and borrowing money for her convincing her he still loved her and wanted to someday work things out. He even sent texts up to 2 weeks prior to moving in with his girlfriend Vicky M Scott who knew he was married. How sad if she thinks he will not do the same to her. And if she wants I can show the text to anyone, and does she know the money he was using for her was money borrowed from his wife who is was conning. And what kind of person believes a man knowing he is still married for the 4th time.He even tells people that he is a widower from is 2nd wife but fails to say he was trying to divorce her while she was dying and the day she past he jumped for joy. How Sad! Has No Heart at all. He has even lied to his best friend telling him that he traded his truck in when he had lost it in a lien sale and his friend loaned him money to save it. He tells people he is getting good money but fails to tell them he has collectors chasing him from another state including IRS and the State. He always convinces people it was his wives fault he owed money. This man has lusted over any woman until they feel uncomfortable to be around him or outside when he is. This man is a bold face liar, cheated with many women while married to all his wives, stole from his last wife and sold them and lied about them missing. Used his wife for money and expensive gifts. This man is a user for his gain. Even his family does not want him in their homes.


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