Jaime Foehr — Henryville, Pennsylvania

This tramp was stalking somebody’s husband while he had three young babies and a wife at home. She would meet him in parking lots and sleep with him. She would also give him money for drugs. She has kids from two different dads and is always on the search for a new baby daddy. She also lied in court against her baby’s father to protect the married man?! They set her baby’s father up to get into a fight and get charges. He was completely distraught. She is really a terrible whore who continues to harass the guy’s wife because she is so insecure. The wife has gave the husband the boot but he still trys to come back. This chic is such a dumb whore she has to buy men to be with her. The husband is dirt as well obviously. The chic directly took part in harming a marriage and hurting three babies. Plus cheating in her own relationship constantly and lying to keep to keep her baby from the father. Trash.


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