Jadon Halupa — Kokomo. Indiana

He is a felon. Close to being a child moloster that needs to be taken off the street!!! He has 2 kids with his ex wife that claims one isn’t his even though they were married.. another 10 year old that he treats like crap.. a 2 year old son that he won’t even acknowledge that it’s his kid that he has with a stripper. He was in a relationship and made her go with to get a DNA test done on ANOTHER baby with a stripper. Meanwhile in that process there was another stripper saying she was having his baby. He claims none of them. He beat his ex wife and his ex girlfriend. He would hope them down by their throat and say “if you wanna act like a whore I’m going to treat you like a whore.” He is a heroin addict, and a huge druggy on anything he can get his hands on. He will threaten to kill anyone that tries to make him better. He cheats, lies, tries to make vulnerable women to commit suicide. And let’s not mention he only loves his daughter… and beats the other kids. He will scream and cuss at them, make a huge scene, and then smack them in the face when they say sorry or he’s just angry. He’s bipolar and needs karma to hit him BAD. He is NO good on the streets. Somebody help.


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