Jacqueline Sanchez – California

Anyone who knows this b**** cheats. She cheated with my ex and will do it to you too. She cheated on my ex with her own significant other. A starving artist and a sack of s*** with too many teeth in her pie-hole of a mouth. Enjoy Ian Lyman because he will be cheating on you too S***. He can’t put that online sex down. You both are selfish, destructive, and pathetic! You both have issues. I feel sorry for the innocent parties that will be involved in your games. Sweetie, you believe in karma? Well I do and someday, somewhere it’ll come back at you and I won’t be there to see it but I know it’s already happening to Ian Lyman. Honey, it’ll happen to you! I only wish you both miserable lives. Girl, you’re already living it or you would still be this animator (aka starving artist) in Los Angeles. But you’re not! You’re here in Sacramento. You wannabe! Skank! S***! I’m so thankful for this website.


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