Jackielou Kipp Mozes — Fort Myers, Florida

Once upon a time there was a home wrecking Fire Inspector for the IONA MCGREGOR FD – a Jezebel named Jackielou Kipp. She had affairs with married firefighters and got married and divorced a few times and even got pregnant with her son, while married to someone other than his father. One day, while in the midst of her many men, she met a married man named Steve, (also employed in a local fire department, as a high ranking Battalion Chief). He was married to a beautiful woman, Amy, who ironed his uniforms, kept his house very well, cooked his meals and raised their children for over a quarter of a century. His wife loved him very, very much. Well, one day the home wrecking Jezebel set her sights on this handsome, married Battalion Chief and honed in on him, even after realizing he was married to his high school sweetheart and had 3 lovely, endearing children together. Soon after Jackielou and Steve met each other, Amy got sick and wasn’t feeling well and despite her undiagnosed illness, Steve moved out of their home, to be with the home wrecker. When Amy was diagnosed with a high stage lymphoma, Steve didn’t look so good to us – his peers, so he moved back into their home of 20 years to “take care of her”. Only, he didn’t take care of her. He sat in his chair when he was home or he was out with his home wrecking girlfriend. Over the next few months, Amy had over a dozen operations and medical procedures and started chemotherapy immediately, often traveling to Tampa for treatments. She was very weak and received many blood transfusions and could hardly get out of bed at times. Still, Steve didn’t take care of her. He didn’t drive her to treatments, or prepare a meal for her or their family. The windows in their home needed cleaned, screens needed washed, the yard was a disgrace, but still he was joyfully gallivanting around with Jackielou, with blatant disregard for his home or the ones who loved him inside it. Steve’s sister ended up coming over to clean the windows and screens and did the maintenance things that needed done around the house. Most of Steve’s subordinates and friends knew about his continuous indiscretions with the Jackielou and also knew about how sick his wife had become. But, when Jackielou found out, she didn’t do the honorable thing and walk away, but grasped her claws in him even harder. Over the next few months, the new happy couple was seen out in public often. His big orange truck was often seen at her house overnights and they were even spotted celebrating the New Year together, as his wife lay dying in the local hospital…. all alone. Still the Jackielou didn’t back off. Didn’t say to him, go… be with your wife. If it’s meant to be, it will be. I will be the honorable woman and let you go. Go and get her well and then come to me. No. Amy DIED in the local hospital. All alone. After Amy’s death, Steve immediately sold her car and removed every single memory of her from their home. He cried “whoa is me”… He and the Jackielou purchased a condo, so they could move the two older children out of the house and never gave Amy another thought. They never put Amy’s children first or thought about their wellbeing. It is all about them now and Amy’s memory is all but that…. a distant memory. Jackielou posted this on her FB account 6 weeks after Amy’s death: She posted this happy Christmas photo of the inside of the house on her FB page: Note the cute stockings for each of them, except his two grown children… shamefully forgotten. The child’s face is removed out of respect for his innocence. He can’t help it his mother is a Jezebel. These are the comments made on the above photo: And for the record…. That is Amy’s house and that is Amy’s dog and I pray that she is haunting you constantly. They were married last year. It was a very nice ceremony and they had a very nice honeymoon in Mexico. PS. I hope he’s still drinking himself to oblivion, like he use to when Amy was alive and I pray the Viagra is still working. After all, they are still newlyweds! And they lived happily ever after…. The End.


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