Hills Daniel Hahn – Arizona

This man I have been in a committed relationship for over 5 yrs. After that being said, this Holiday Season Dec 2017, I found out he slept w/2 close friends this year, had an affair with his Dental Hygenist, causing her 19 year old marriage to end. Then in our circle of friends, he gets caught this weekend, from reading a text off his phone, cheating again with one of our friends girlfriends, and they are, experiencing the Swingers Life style, every single night, with his neighbors up in Fountain Hills. Basically I guess what I’m saying is this man has wasted my Life, never had any intentions on being committed to one person, emotionally abusive, verbally & physically abusive, controlling, manipulating, and has a GPS tracker on my vehicle and also my cell phone tracking my text messages and listening to my conversations. BEWARE !


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