Heather Fields — Chicago, Illinois

Heather Fields, a married woman, had an AFFAIR with a MARRIED MAN AND FATHER. The fact that this man had a WIFE AND TWO YOUNG CHILDREN never stopped her from pursuing him. Heather even admitted to being the PURSUER several times in conversation with said man. In fact, Heather mentions that she didn’t want to be a ‘HOME-WRECKER’ because she knew he had a family, but really wanted to explore a future and see what comes. She also told him on many occasions that she was IN LOVE with him, and said I love you to him while he was home with his wife and kids! You see, Heather has daddy issues. Her dad also had an affair. According to Heather, he told her family that he was divorcing her mom and was leaving to “raise a new family.” Doesn’t that make her a WORSE person for trying to RUIN someone else’s family??? DISGUSTING! She even had the audacity to talk about his children, his parenting, and how lucky his kids were to have him as a dad, yet she was trying to break apart his family!!! Heather Fields is clearly a PREDATOR. There is absolutely no doubt that she is a DANGER to other families. She has proved to be someone that doesn’t care about hurting other women or their children. Everyone should do Heather a favor and keep her in Chicago, away from ANY and ALL married men. In fact, those of you that are married and know Heather, KEEP YOUR HUSBANDS AWAY FROM HER. She’s probably coming for yours next! Her job is not important to her considering she makes use of her ‘work’ time pursuing, luring, and sleeping with married men and fathers. For someone who sees a counselor and a psychiatrist, plus takes a few medications, she’s still void of any morals or empathy and doesn’t care who’s lives she ruins in the process.


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