Heather Basse — Colorado

Heather basse is a sick desperate slore. When my husband and I briefly separated for a few days he got the fugly woman’s number. At first he denied knowing who she was until I called her and she admitted she had been speaking to him. I informed her he had moved back home and we were working on our family for our children’s sake and she claimed “she didn’t want to be a homewrecker and wouldn’t speak to him again. Last year I found literally thousands of text between them spanning the last 3 years since he met her sorry a55. When I confronted her she said “well he’s the one who text me” however the records show she was every bit as culpable texting him from 9 am to 3 am. She is a sad troll who has to entertain married men and try to destroy families because no one wants her ugly a55, not even her baby daddy who she got pregnant by when he was in a relationship with another woman who is now his wife. He has no morals and she is a gross excuse for a woman. Not that I can say much for my husbands taste but during a moment of honesty while in marriage counseling he admitted he carried on with her because he knew how desperate she was and knew that “she would keep her mouth shut if asked” to continue getting his attention.


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