Hannah Whipple — Kellogg, Idaho

I hate to have to do this but I am left with no choice. My name is Devyn Brownson… you see a week after my husband and I started a break Hannah Whipple slept with my husband and he was bad for using her for a place to stay while trying to work it out with me but she knew he was married too, due to the fact we’re from the same area and have friends in common… not to mention she’s friends with some of my family. When my husband and I worked it out and he was back in our home the harassment started…

First it was messages that my husband was cheating which went on from December till a few days ago. Then when I finally responded through facebook so I could keep record of what was being said, I then received a phone call from a 40 something year old man who knows Hannah (not her dad) making threats on my life and saying I’m harrassing Hannah I sent him a text saying what I said to Hannah (since he clearly didn’t know the truth) as well as telling him on the phone I would call the police if he called again. After that Hannah and her friend who hides behind a fake facebook placed me on here and when I called her out publicly on facebook her sister in law placed me on a similar site and both stories about me are completely false. I divorced my ex and he sees our kids every week, I have NEVER been with an attached man married engaged or other wise. I have only been with my husband Joe who I have been married to since 2015 we dated in 2013 for a while and all of 2014. Even on our break I never slept with anyone. The way I see it my husband owed me loyalty not her and at first I felt bad for her but not after all this! Now the picture I’m posting has the message I sent Hannah, the message I sent Dennis, and a few betwwen me and a fake account (so either Hannah herself or one of her minions) the one next to the girl at the bottom saying “ya I’m just mad…. to from me to a friend. The blue ones are me. The one to Dennis is a text so it’s yellow the white is Hannah or crazy ass followers.


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