Haleigh Harrison Ayers — Ninety Six, South Carolina

Not only has Haleigh had several affairs with married men, bore the child of a married man, but she’s also hasp 3 kids by 3 different Daddies (two of which she needed DNA Tests to determine the fathers of but she also went after the husband of a woman who was supposed to be her friend, then lied about it. She listened to this person pour their heart out over wanting to fix things with her and advised her to go to marriage counseling. The wife then proceeded to arrange marriage counseling and picks up her phone to call the husband to schedule the appointment only to see two picture messages from her sister including pics of Haleigh kissing Shane. Haleigh moved in LESS THAN A MONTH after the wife moved out and posted herself in a relationship with the husband all while slandering the wife. Shane then married Haleigh less than 90 days after the divorce was final. Fast forward two years and the original wife decided to forgive Haleigh for it all until Haleigh herself began being unfaithful to Shane once even at the original wife’s house and then with another man less than a week later. Their mutual friend made the original wife tell Shane what happened and he’s since caught Haleigh cheating 3 more times. The last time Haleigh and her cronies accused the original wife of supplying Shane with a Topless picture Haleigh had posted in a sexual in nature Facebook group. After being falsely accused the original wife passed along more screenshots to keep Shane from being made a fool of. But the stupid idiot is still with his wife. I guess he’s just pissed where the evidence came from. Oh well, all of greenwood knows Haleigh is a cheating and they are all laughing at Shane’s stupidity.


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