Gus Cabrera Lll — Iowa

Gus Cabrera is a lying cheating manipulating con artist. He is married and still lives with his wife and their kids, but he has numerous affairs, is abusive and manipultes through outrageous lies to keep his game going. He moved his family to get away from one of his side girls that is dr000000000d and psychotic presenting to them that this would be a fresh start, but kept it going. She is a real winner that had an abortion in the second term and then recently slept with another man to get pregnant, trying to keep this dog. Stupid. Not a prize. He portreys himself as single, but lives with his wife and kids. He is a drunk and a horrible example for his kids. His wife is a good woman that has supported him through jail time, violent assaults, abandonment of his children to live with his affairs, assisted in obtaining his recent degree from college and provides the stability in his home. Meanwhile he is horribly unfaithful, disrespectful, abusive and absent to his children. One of his nasty girls is on the website and I feel that he is just as much to blame. She still believes that his wife is out of the picture. Lol He will tell you anything to keep the game going. He is most likely diseased and a drunk that has multiple children by multiple mother’s that overlap relationships. Stay away from this player. He cares about no one and loves only himself. He is boy that doesn’t know how to be a man and has given his children the worst example. The wife needs to get out and the side girls deserve what they get by believing the bullsh1t. I have told his wife so that this good woman can move on with her life. She deserves better. At this point he’s seeing at least 3 additional women. Beware!! It’s a lies.


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