Gracie Grijalva — Com Stock, Texas

Me and my boyfriend are going through some issues bc he has health issues and anger issues. I asked him to go stay at his moms till he got help and the ex wife comes swooping in on his Facebook messenger. They bad talked me on it and she’s pretending like she suddenly cares for him and he asked if she would ever want him back. Now this piece of work left him 2 years before I met him. She stole 10,000 out their bank account took their car, took every single thing out their house including he toilet paper and light bulbs. She then left meat in the fridge and unplugged it letting it rott while he was on the road driving semis. The left him for her ex husband she cheated with. Now all of a sudden she pops up after her boyfriend dumped her and now she need a place to stay. I’ve caught him messaging her and asked him to stop. He’s lying to me saying he hasn’t talked to her. Oh let me not forget I’ve been with him 5 1/2 years and was lied to and told they were divorced and they never were. So their married and after all this time and all she did she wants home back.


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