George Giansanti — Cherry Hill, New Jersey

Me and my [ex]wife moved into a very great neighborhood. We lived in the house for about a year before we were married. We became really great friends with the neighbor couple and their family, They were married for 10 years and us going on 4 when I noticed the relationship between him and my wife got too friendly. My suspicions were justified as his wife was noticing something strange happening too. Long story short I caught him and my wife in his backyard. I brought his wife into the “situation” we were now in and she affirmed a whole lot more was going on that they both were lying about for about a year. After that situation, everyone decided to get divorced. My child had just turned 1 and theirs 5. While me and my ex were separated and still living together they decided to have a relationship. Of which he ended after my ex wouldn’t have sex with him and he moved on to the next girl. I was with my wife for 11 years overall and all that is over now because this conartist got bored with his situation. I trusted this man – at least he led me to believe I did. We all did. We all got fooled by this conartist. I literally watched this man cry because he didn’t know how to get out of his relationship he didn’t want to be in. When I caught him and my wife he waited until I walked away to start screaming and cursing at two women at 3am, then when I walked back over, he shut the hell up soo fast. Not to mention he is not a little guy – screaming f*ck you to his wife and f*ck me for catching him. He literally told me before that if he ever got into a fight, that if he couldn’t knock someone out in one punch he runs away. Now I know my ex gets loose and I chose to ignore it because I loved her, but I trusted this man-child. He told me once that he was going to f*ck his wifes cousin in the bathroom literally at his f*cking wedding! This is this guy…I really hope this gets out to you ladies because this guy is a genuine piece of sh*t. Hell, my ex-wife can even verify that since she got played as well. Just a weak man that destroyed 2, and probably more, families. I almost feel sorry for him but I do feel sorry for the women he encounters because hes got the gift of gab. Oh, side note, hes got a VD. Can’t say how I know, but I know.


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