Geoff Graehling – Arizona

i was married to Geoff for 13 years. Geoff began an affair and within the first week he was telling her he loved her. Week 2 he proposed to her, set a day, shopped for rings and picked out her wedding dress. He tried to keep both relationships going with lies. Geoff is a pathological liar. Geoff has no money and hasn’t worked in years. There is always an excuse about where his money is. The most recess was that his account was frozen. He lies about his jobs. He may tell you he works for the government, he’s a stockbroker, he owns dozens of busnisses, he buys properties for attorneys. The attorneys have been checked through the state bar and they don’t exist. He may tell you he had scholarships to ASU for baseball, basketball , and football. He majored in biology. These are all lies. He lives off of the women he gets involved with. He has gotten 4000.00 out of the woman’s family he had an affair with. He lived off of me for 13 years. Do not trust him in relationships or busnisse dealings. He will take until the well is dry. Every busnisse deal has gone bad due to his lies.


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