Gary Dillman — Lewiston, Idaho

Well this wonderful piece of work has caused some real problems in his entire family. Gary Dillman decided to sleep with his brothers wife Kristie Dillman. What a pathetic piece of crap. First of all it is bad enough you are sleeping with your a married woman, but to top it off it is your brothers wife. What type of human being does shit like that to his own brother. Well I would say it is someone who doesn’t care about himself or anyone else. He is a full blown alcoholic who is also married to a fat pig who has married him 4 times and divorced him 3 so far because he is such an alcoholic and sleeps around kn her. He is just a worthless human being that is breathing air that could be used by someone else. Word to the wise men. If you see this drunk puke around watch your women. Especially if they are plump. He tends to gravitate towards them. My guess is because they tend to have a low self esteem and are easier prey for him because of that. Well let’s not forget Kristie Dillman. After 20 plus years of marriage what type of slimey wh*** does that to there husband? Are you that big of sl** that you need extra c*** on the side? And of all people his brother who is a drunk and can’t keep a job. You are just as at fault as him and just as big of piece of shit as he is. I know for a fact your husband loves you and has always tried to make you happy. You better hope he can forgive you and you can get your marriage back or you will be right in the gutter where Gary Dillman is. Both of them deserve each other for what they have done. Makes me sick to see what they have done to a man who doesn’t deserve the shit they have piled on him.


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