Gabriela Andrade — Denver, Colorado

Immediately after having revision surgery on my spinal fusion, this peach Gabriela Andrade came waltzing into my husband’s life. They dated for a week or so in highschool, so almost 15 years ago. She saw him with me and our children at a local mall and decided to find him on Facebook, and that’s how it all started. She obviously knew he was married with two children and that I was recovering from a second back surgery, and she still tried to manipulate and use him for monetary gain. Aside from all the inappropriate, sexual conversations, she also sent him nude pictures and videos of her masterbating… and then asked him for money immediately after, because she’s literally broke. Thankfully, my husband was smart enough not to actually smash this chick (or give her any money). She would tell my husband that she was jealous of me and our relationship and that we seem to be so happy (this was based on my Facebook page since she regularly stalked me to catch a glimpse into our lives). Gaby literally saw a happy family and made an effort to break it apart. I understand that my husband was not innocent because he willingly engaged with her, but at least he had enough sense not yo do anything physical with this disgusting woman. She’s also admitted that she’s broken up another happy family by continuously sleeping with a married man. Steer clear of this one!


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