Felicia Daye — Franklinton, North Carolina

This so called “diva/socialite” Felicia Daye, or whatever it is she calls herself broke up my cousin’s marriage. My cousin has epilepsy and her daughter does too. My cousin’s husband decided to abandon her and their daughter May 2017 to go shack up with this harlot. Rumor has it that she’s been involved with him since 2015. Which is the same year my cousin was diagnosed with epilepsy. Which everything came to the light the summer of 2016. If Felicia didn’t know he was married before. She certainly knew when my cousin sent her a message on Facebook after finding a receipt with her name on it and her daughter’s school supplies. She instantly blocked my cousin. Which pretty much showed she knew he was married and continued to see him. Funny thing is Felicia’s mother had her by someone’s husband. So I guess the apple doesn’t fall too from the tree. The sad part in all of this is my cousin has some type of seziure episode weekly. Her daughter’s seziure’s are pretty much controlled with the medication. This has brought a lot of heartache and pain for my cousin and her daughter. Felicia also has ties in Raleigh, NC and she’s currently shacking up with this married man in Wake Forest, NC. Beware I’m sure this isn’t the first married man she’s been involved with nor will it be the last!!


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