Erin Sheilds — Independence, Kentucky

So after I made this first blog about this woman Erin Sheilds, she had the audacity to contact my husband again and told him to tell his classy wife (me) to take her off of this blog. First of all thanks for letting it be well known you think I’m classy 

. And second you have some mother Fing nerve. She still continues to state that he is the one contacting her but when I ask her for proof she says… I’ll send it to you later if I feel like it… please. Your in love with my husband and can’t have him… What’s it going to take for you to leave him the hell alone? I forwarded her all the messages between him and I talking about her… and she still just continues. She even has her sister asking my husband questions. Like for real…? Your family and you need to back TF up out of my marriage…


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