Eric Sandstrom – Willow, Pennsylvania

Eric cheated on his family for months before deserting his daughter & I. He would stay on his phone all night texting this woman named Isabel complaining about me & our daughter. He would come home from work after visiting her. He then kept texting her on family outings. He disappeared one day leaving a note. I think he was with her 6 months before deserting his family. For Christmas- he spent it at a hotel with his girlfriend spending $740 on jewelry, $350 on hotel, $115 on a concert. He sent his daughter a $40 Amazon gift, but refused to talk to her. She had bronchitis for Christmas. He refused to talk to her for two months. After New Years, he cleaned the bank account out and attempted to evict his daughter & I. He requested visitation from his lawyer and only went through one full visitation out of 4. He couldn’t show up to visitation. Meanwhile in the visitations he did have he dumped our daughter on his girlfriend’s 10 year old so him & his girlfriend could go into the back room. He hasn’t spoke to his daughter in at least a month and blames it on me. He watches his girlfriend’s kids, but won’t watch his own daughter. He will just cheat on the new girl too.


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