Emily Wagoner — Wichita, Kansas

My husband and I split up for a year or so. So obviously we went our separate ways and yet still spoke to each other. He met this person Emily Wagoner through a friend (his sister). She has issues apparently. My husband dated her a handful of times. She would ghost him for months. When he decided to stay a month with me in CA, she then aggressively started to text him “Miss you Babe” and would send unsolicited naked pics of herself. My husband suffers from Bipolar disorder and was a drinker before being diagnosed. Once he decided that he was ready to commit to me. She started the whole “I understand” her text, which she then started crying some sob story about how she was “used” and then texted my husband how could he choose a “relationship that made him drink”. She’s disillusioning and making fantasies about something that was never hers. She even got her brother involved. She texted afterwards to try to “talk” to him when he was completely ignoring her and eventually had to block her. I’m posting this up because she is obviously not right. Needs to not be near any man until she clears her own issues. She tried to make emotional strife between my husband and I even though he never slept with her. She doesn’t need to date if she gets all fatal attraction on men.


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