Elvis Meeker – California

Cheated on and abandoned 5mo pregnant! My long term boyfriend Elvis Meeker and I had discussed marriage and children and were committed to eachother, so I believed. But after learning I was pregnant he started drifting away. Distance led to arguing which led to leaving which led to being gone then he didn’t come back. I was call and text him, search the Web to see if anything happened to him, drive around looking. Little did I know he was shacking up with some tweaker b**** named Cassie M Fredrickson. Older than me, uglier than me, and a new low of dirtbag. The b**** rubbed it in my face, gloating how she “took my man” and how “he didn’t want my fat a** (size 4 and pregnant, really?!?!) now that he had this pu**y.” Yeah, a real lady that one. She then proceeded to make wild threats towards me and my unborn daughter all because Elvis would sober up periodically and miss me. F*** them both, they deserve eachother


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