Elaine Bonanza — Whitesboro, New York

I knew of this *$#@ due to a co-worker/friend having problems with this tramp last summer & when I say problems I mean she believes this thing slept with her husband & yes she knew he was married, yes she knew he was still sexually active with his wife, yes she knew they were experiencing marital issues & took that is her cue to run and spread her legs trying to seduce the husband, trust me I’ve seen all the messages me & boy oh boy is this bi*** a sickly desperate P.O.S. & my co worker have become great friends & her & I talk openly. Well to get to my own experiences with this grotesque thing of a female if that’s what you want to call her! I never put too much thought into her as I never met her that was the first time I heard of her until this summer apparently she cannot keep her legs closed as I have been talking to a guy dating him for the last 9 months and I found messages from this thing and his inbox on messenger we had words that was in July he promised not to talk to her anymore that he had no interest that she was throwing herself at him which was it hard to believe as I know my friend and co-worker experience the same thing and I even saw the messages to prove it, until five nights ago he was acting strange and told me we need to talk he broke down crying and told me how he got drunk when he went out with his friends and he f***** her on the bar bathroom floor and that he was scared as one of his boys later told him she has hep C so now we both went and got tested the next day and we are waiting for the results. So everyone in the Utica Yorkville Whitesboro Rome and Oriskany area beware of this thing that can’t help wi spread her legs, she’s nothing to look at she’s actually quite ugly but with beer goggles or under the influence of some substance I guess it can play tricks on ones mind.


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