Edward Mott – Arizona

Edward told me I was his heart, his love. Scammed me into having unprotected sex and then only contacted me when he wanted a hook up. He said that he would pay for the morning after pill and then complained about it and it was difficult to get the money. He gave me vanerial disease. Then it turned out he has a girlfriend and a wife. He was only available at odd times. I am greatful that he didn’t give me something worse or I will report him to the police. He is a sexual predator and feels women are toys that he plays with. I read he is a narcissist and I agree. He hurt me. He keeps saying he misses me or wants me. He needs to be a man. He is mentally ill. His body is gross, like a fat baby man. He thinks he is God’s gift by the way he talks, kept asking why I didn’t like it and that he wasn’t any good. Like a immature teenager. I faked my orgasm. He made me feel insecure. He is in Az, I pulled a background check on him after the vd, he is a porn addict. On 15 dating and illicit sex sites. Cougartime,Meetme,Bumble,whoeasy,wivescheat,heatedaffairs,badoo,okc, tinder, and several more. He has different names, says he lives in different cities, same guy. I am hoping that I don’t have anything else from this ahole.


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