Edel Bedard — Toronto, Canada

Full disclosure, I am in an open relationship. That being said, my partner and I have veto power over each other’s sexual partners. During a period when we had temporarily closed our relationship (my exe’s were causing a lot of strain on our relationship), Edel Bedard began aggressively pursuing my partner. She had known him for years, but never expressed any interest in touching his penis until he became involved with me. During our rough patch she would show up at his place and get high with him, and sh*t talk me endlessly. She even had cute little nicknames for me like “Carnival”, etc. She would sext him, telling him she wanted to act out all of their fantasies. She told him she had tested negative since the last time she had been with anyone. (Straight up- don’t ever believe anyone if they say that. Protect yourself, use a condom and enjoy some safer sex. People lie, and nothing ruins sex like the herp. lower your risk.) I digress – She flipped her sh*t when he told her that he wasn’t going to sleep over (that is one of our ground rules – we don’t sleep over at anyone’s house. It can give the wrong impression. At least he respected that, even though he forgot we had closed our relationship temporarily) She practically had kittens when he told her that he was going to tell me everything that had happened. She wanted him to lie to me “until he left me”. She was hysterical for the better part of an hour and he didn’t get home until after midnight because he had to calm her down. Long story short, nobody came out the winner here. The moral of this story is: just because you let a guy put it in your butt and then pee in your mouth does not mean he is your boyfriend, Edel. It doesn’t mean he will leave his partner for you, or even stay the night. It means you talked about acting out fantasies, and you acted out some fantasies. And just because the make up girl that everybody from set has already fucked tells you she tested negative for STDs, it doesn’t mean she actually got tested, or that it is safe to have unprotected sex. You can consider yourself lucky that all you got was chlamydia.


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