Donna Shifflett — Master Manipulator

Take a look at Donna everyone. Not much to look at I know. She grew up with a man and called him her brother her whole life- so my bestfriend was shocked when she found out she was screwing her husband. He didn’t want her so he went home and she harassed his family and called their home at 2 & 3 am drunk threatening to kill herself. My friend dumped him so he settled for her. She walked out on her twin daughters who were 15 just to be with him. 1 ended up pregnant and ultimately losing custody of her child (best thing that could’ve happened to the kid) and the other is a raging alcoholic who isn’t sure of her sexual orientation. I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree since her daughter Ashley Shifflett has also taken up a liking for drinking & sleeping with married men. What a family tree!


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