Donna L. Chambers — Geneva, Illinois

She does whatever she needs to do to get what she wants, including cheating on her husband, sleeping with married men, and using her kids to manipulate men. Then she claims that everything she does, she does for her kids and acts like she’s the sainted mother – even attends church. She is very driven by image – trying to make it seem like everything is perfect in her world. So this means she’ is about as 2-faced as they come, going so far as to being friendly and civilized to the wives of the married men she’s sleeping with. She gets the men who she’s sleeping with to pay her bills and buy her and her kids things because she can’t seem to make it on her six-figure salary (it’s public record that she doesn’t pay her property taxes on time). She’s had multiple plastic surgeries, so whether she’s paid for them or somebody else has is anybody’s guess. Even parents at her kids’ high school are fed up with her as she interjects herself into every event, taking over so she can do things her way to monopolize the spotlight for her kids and ultimately, herself. She’s a disgusting, selfish human being, lacking any sort of integrity or sense of decency.


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