Deputy Tai A. Plunkett – California

This guy Lied his way to still be involved in the Police force…This guy is is a real P.O.S…. he approached my vehicle stuck a gun at my face because I was a black man. This kind of injustice can not be tolerated! as a matter of fact Tai Plunkett actually was given an award for his ignorance! as we can see in any video located here: was in the wrong, scared, and easily was called in the wrong every step of the way, the only thing he did right was not squeeze the trigger! This kind of action can not be tolerated in the police force. If ANY officer messes up THIS big while on the force they should no longer be allowed to patrol and pull anyone over without INTENSE retraining… if this is what intense training is already then we need to look at Tai A. Plunkett and really rethink our training strategies… Lets revamp our police training in order to REALLY make a difference on our local day to day lives…


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