Debbie Durant – California

What a wonderful girl. On 200 dating sites and sees 500 guys a week Really sweet too. Has a guy take her to a Hundred Dollar dinner and she just walks out. She also confidently braggs she had three really good boob jobs, which I’m sure some other guys were proud to pay for. Such a nice girl. She is outstanding at complaining about her past marriage and boyfriends.

Unreal good in bed and very easy to get her naked on her back. She prides herself on just laying there and not participating because of her hatred for men. Well, let me correct that.. She does like c*** and solicits pictures from guys on their d*** size. And on a respectful note, when asked to send a pic of herself, she refuses because it’s “out of her comfort zone”. That is admirable character! But she does want a lot of d*** pics.

Steer clear of this Horrible Witch!! She is just out for free dinners and to use guys. Debbie Durant is a f****** c***. And the best part is that she knows she is. Menopausal, and losing her looks.. Typical! You can find her on Facebook at


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