Daysha Burges — Idaho

This 22 year old cvnt, purposely preys on men that are CLEARLY taken. Never mind the fact that we all worked in the same office building. She started sitting next to my fiancé (boyfriend at the time), knowing damn well he was in a relationship. Another coworker warned her he’s in a relationship and she responded with “When I want something I go get it. I don’t care who or what I have to knock down. He can choose who he likes better.” Fast forward to when I find out about the grimy shit they’ve been pulling. He cuts all ties with her. She cries “pregnant” (LIE). Then tries to say she never said that she was pregnant and that she supposedly didn’t know he had a girlfriend (she clearly did, I still have the message to prove all of that). If you’re in the Idaho Treasure Valley area, be careful with this one. She’ll wreck any happy relationship she sees (I’ve heard afterwards that I’m apparently not the first one she’s done this to), and yes, she preys in her place of work. Most disgusting SLORE I’ve ever dealt with. Doesn’t even know the word “respect” and plays a complete self-pity party when confronted. CVNT. The only one I pity, is her daughter. Poor girl has a slore for a mother.


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