David Bostian — Morrilton, Arkansas

Okay, we’re not even going to talk about his height. But to begin, this guy will try to be your friend while attempting to get with your girlfriend or wife behind your back. If he ends up stealing them from you be prepared for shrimp d**k jokes. Anyway, he’s an abuser. He beats on his girlfriends and neglects his own kids while trying to make his ex wife seem like Satan (but he can’t stop talking about her or texting her or calling her). He is a disgusting man that hangs around with a guy that sexually abused his own kids while the guys wife watched, which got their kids taken away. David has no problem having that trash in his home and around his own kids. If you confront him he will threaten to pull a gun on you behind your back. He doesn’t drink but hangs around local bars trying to pick up his next one night stand. Lives in the trailer park down by the river and drives a charcoal colored Dodge Nitro.


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