Crystal Collins — Louisville, Kentucky

She had scammed 1000 $out of people she lied that she needs money for Bill’s she broke… she broke her cell phone and begged people to help her get a new one her step dad was in the hospital and she was asking people around the hospital for money she also called the people that watched her life stupid for sending her money she sent nudes out to people for 100$ and lied about her man having cancer when he’s. Just fine she on drugs her nudes she sent to a 16 year old she rude to people that just love her and I don’t know why her followers can’t live with out her and get so hurt and beg her not to block them if they say anything wrong she can’t take it when people call her out on her bull shit she show her nasty ass on a live and called the people who are trying to show her as a scammer stupid bitches every word out of her mouth is lies cos took her kids away because of drugs she in the hole 45000 in child support she a nasty she thinks she can do make up she thinks she a mue but she looks like a dam clown she loves drama she takes care of Ed’s mom and treats her like shit and Abuses her she thinks her uncle has her kids she gets to see them from time to time but her kids hate her she loved drugs so much she could not take care of her kids and beat them


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