Connie(Consuelo)Avalos Linville — Santa Clarita, California

This girl “Connie” real name Consuelo Avalos, now Connie Avalos Linville because she seduced a married man named Bob Linville to divorce his wife in order to marry her. Connie Avalos works for Ralph’s and she had sex with 30 diffrent employees and did many sexual advances for crooked Ralphs managers to be a successful supervisor at Ralph’s. Connie also had sex with dozens of gangmembers from the 18st gang and she has done sexual favors for gangsters to have people she doesn’t like hurt, killed or intimidated. Connie’s family is all like this and they gangstalk people and they will continue to get away with it the more people are unaware. Connie Avalos has no sex morals and her father Ramiro are all demented manipulating losers. Be aware of connie and her coward miserable accomplices.


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