Colton Jones — Cleburne, Texas

Colton Jones cheated on one of my friends and caught genital herpes and when my friend refused to have sex with him while he had an outbreak he went off and cheated on her with some other girl and possibly gave it to her. It’s time this guy was put on blast. He isn’t the guy he says he is. He is a liar, a cheat, and also lets not forget very abusive. He put my friend down on a daily she tried committing suicide twice because of him because he mentally and emotionally abused her on a daily. Watch out for this man ladies and warn your friends to stay away from him. He will give u some song and dance and say his ex is crazy and abused him and talk crap about her but she loved him with all her heart and tried so hard to care for him and his children. No matter what she did he was still rude and cheated on her. The picture that is posted is a photo I got off social media because he made my friend delete and block me and not speak to me.


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