Clay Ellis (James Clayton Ellis) – Arkansas

This man is an abusive narcissus who treats woman like his property. He is very abusive emotionally, mentally and physically. He has 3 domestic violence charges against him. 2 of them felonies. He looks for woman on line. Facebook , snap chat , POF, Craigslist. (Any and all) he starts out very charming. Plays the southern country boy. Uses the notebook etc for ploys in his game. He lies about his character or who is. He was with my best friend for 3.5 years off and on , and he cheated over & over. He carried on several on line Affairs or affairs with married WOman he knew fron his hometown..He has 4 children which he has no rights to. He has 17 felonies , meth being his latest. He is using meth and is on probation for 15 years for a meth conviction. He lIves with his parents and is very abusive to them. He is very controlling and was horrible to mt friend. He was carrying on relationships with 18 year old girls and he is 39. He worked at a ranch in my home town and he was fired for sleeping with a 21 yr old and carryin on a phone sex relationship with another employee at the ranch. While he was with my friend. He proposed to her over and over.. but was caught cheating directly after , each time. I watched him abuse her so badly she didn’t want to get out of bed. He was so cruel and mentally drained her. He couldn’t hold a job and cost her so much money. I have never witnessed such a cruel and evil person. This man is very charming and lies constantly. If you meet him on line , RUN. He lives in West Fork Arkansas


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