Christopher Rose — Sacramento, California

This man Christopher Rose is a compulsive liar and cheater. He is extremely manipulative. He lacks integrity and honorable intentions. He has no respect or regards for women even though he claimed to be a feminist. He supports abortion and it has nothing to do with feminism. Don’t get pregnant. Love is not on his radar, only SEX, SEX, SEX with as many women as he can find. If you went to his house, he will ask you for sex, and if you refused he’ll get mad at you. He doesn’t know how to take rejection like a man and he doesn’t take “no” for answer. He will sleep with you and tell you he loves you, only to sleep and date multiple other women behind your back! Unfaithfulness is his best trait. I should know because I was one of his victims. I found out he was dating 10+ other women while he was with me. Even with evidence, screenshots of conversations he had with multiple women at the same timeframe, he still denies dating any of them. In fact, he even claimed that he was a very good person. Self-proclaimed good guys are bad news! If you met him through a dating site, beware he is all over all the dating sites you can think of: OkCupid (travels_4_food), POF (LvsFd), Tinder, Bumble, Match, Zoosk and many more! If he told you he deleted his dating profiles while you two are dating, DO NOT believe him. Instead create a fake account and see for yourself, you’ll see him still on dating sites having a good time even posting photos you took of him on your dates with him! Don’t be one of his victims.


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