Christine Emily Janick — Owings Mill, Maryland

Well for starters she lives in Enfield Connecticut and goes between Baltimore Maryland Washington DC. She’s been in a relationship with my friend Justin since December 2016. She 24 weeks pregnant yesterday. Her man doesn’t even know the due date of the baby because she won’t show him. She has been sleeping around for years. She is so stupid and actually thinks people believe her but to the ones who have been through it before and seen how women do such things. She’s trashy, lies more than truth, changes topics and won’t answer questions when she knows she’s been caught. Your not that slick. She’s ruined relationships and she used people for money. Go jump off a cliff. You don’t deserve to be a mother. Your day will come when it’s time to fess up to your lies, and you won’t be able to run or lie your way out of it. Your disgusting, you all better watch out. This isn’t slander, this is someone educating the general public of this hazardous and infectious individual. Health department should come pick you up.


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