Christina Hulsey Haynes — Jesup, Georgia

This woman Christina Hulsey Haynes has been having an affair with the man I have been married to for 17 years. Not just sleeping with my husband but coming to my home to do it. They work together at the local hospital and have been caught having sex in the storage room there at work. Then I also have audio and video footage of them screwing in my home with my teenage kids present. She has the nerve to spend a few days at my home while I was out of town visiting family. She is now living with him at a new address because he is a wife and child beater that was removed from my home by a TPO. She is an Ultimate HOMEWRECKER that doesn’t deserve MY respect or anyone elses at all. She could easily tell he was still married, not even separated, when she was in my home. She is the type that give women a bad name but soon she will pay for it when my husband goes back to his cruel ways and beats TS out of her.


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