Christina Flores — San Bernardino, California

What a woman starts fresh at a new job and thinks it’s cool to work her way to the top from by being a home wrecker. Doesn’t matter that she is a mother or soon to be Grandmother, or that you know she knows the man is married with kids. It’s cool to be a little flirt. Honey remember when a man tells you his wife isn’t putting out or it’s soon to be over he is almost 100% lying and he just wants to get in your pants, preying on you because you will most likely take any d that glances your way. Can’t blame you only thou gotta also blame the loser who has 3 babies mom’s and my dumb a$$ devotes herself to him daily like an idiot. Still, as a women you should know better, you don’t do that to other women we are suppose to look out for each other.


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