Chris Walter in East Amherst – New York

March 25, 2019

My friend met him on OkCupid. He was sweet to her n he made her happy. Told her she was THE ONE for him. That he wanted her n only her. Says to her all the stuff he wants to do with her. It went on for months. Then he changed to a jerk after she said she loved him. He says to her he changed his mind. I talked to him n he said shes perfect but hes scared of the unknowns. So he destroyed her n broke her heart. I think its cuz he started usin again. He told me he was. He was sweet when he was clean n a jerk when he wasnt anymore. Women be warned. Hes a user n a player n might even be bipolar. Hes livin at home with his mama n goes to school but doesnt work. he could be a sweet guy if he wasn’t into drugs n stuff. Chris Walter in East Amherst

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