Chris Pelcher — New York

His wife was having anxiety issues, April and May of last year. She was still fully functional as a wife should be while working 50 hours a week. When a lpn Bobbi Perry from his dads nursing home in Wellsville started to pursue him. Oh and he likens it… Mr always right and pure loved the sex talk between them . It was all nasty sexual talk . He planned to meet her, bring her to their family cabin to have sex , which they did , after that night he never spoke to her again. Then when this man (if we have to use that word) was caught by his wife he lied, said they were just friends. Until the drd bill was found in his glove box. Come to find out there were even more to this mans betrayal list- Corrie Perman- mann(nunda ) and JENNIE bisig (Rochester) and these are the people we know of….. beware of Chris Pelcher 40 year old male. He did it for 12 years married to my friend and 5 years while living w his first girlfriend. He’s a chronic cheater not a one time offender.


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