Chelsey Lucio – California

Chelsey Lucio – malicious harasser, mentally ill and exposure addict w****. Chelsey Lucio is a horrible w**** who has a severely damaged heart that is only capable of doing bad things. She is from Texas and has lived in Los Angeles and Europe. Be cautious and huge red flags: she is a compulsive and restless harasser; she maliciously attacks innocent women for her mentally twisted gains; deep down she has horrendous self-loathe suffering and is shamefully lack of self respect. Be careful as you never know when you will become her target. She is not normal and surely has an ill, sick heart. She intentionally and actively gets into other people’s relationships to harm.This dumb w**** has the capability to turn your life upside down – not because she is powerful, but more because she got some mental illness so her behaviors can be outrageous and abnormal. While this sick w**** will demise on her own due to her evil mind, heart and behaviors, you want to stay away from her and best of all kick and punch her first before she strikes to hurt you.


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