Charmane Frank (Mazion) — Port Tampa, Florida

Attn; port Tampa., hide ya boyfriends hide ya husbands, hide your sons and girlfriends. This port Tampa scab is more worried about wrecking her own home for a buck than she is anything else. While in a committed relationship this chic travels around port Tampa on foot and by bus seeking out men who are home during the day while their significant others are working. She targets men who are out dog walking or working in their yards and feeds them a pitty story about how she needs so much to get her car fixed or pay her rent. I noticed this nasty thing when she approached my neighbors husband. After talking for about 7 minutes my neighbors husband and this female disappear into my neighbors home. About 15 minutes later Charmaine emerges and a car rolls up and she hops inside. Shortly after when my neighbors husband emerges from their home I took my dog out because I’m nosey and that seemed very fishy. When I approached my neighbors husband and asked him about the girl her admitted she was in some sort of financial trouble and he told her he could not help. But when I questioned him inviting her inside he denied it at all costs. So I let it be. About a week later I notice this female approach him on foot again. Now I have cause for suspension. Instead of approaching him this week. I waited til my neighbor arrived from work and let her know that I have seen this happen two weeks in a row now. Two days neighbor is knocking on my door in tears. Since I caused suspescion to her she decided to go through her husbands phone and found a weeks worth of messages from this Charmane Mazion, aka Charmane Frank since she is not legally married, where her husband was agreeing and inviting Charmaine over weekly for sexual favor in exchange for cash to help her financial woes. Sadly after 15 years of marriage my neighbor is filing divorce. I feel terrible. So I’ve decided to post all I formation on this cheap prostitute that I have, to save future marriages


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