Charles Dupre – Canada

March 31, 2019

You accused your wives:Terry,Gale,Susan,Cathy,and,Racheal of cheating,but,the only adulterer was Y.O.U,and,Susan. You both have what you deserve now “Charles” each other! How was it that mail was coming to 3923 woodland hill ct in the name of Cathy Dupre, while, you were married to Racheal?And,a census showing Cathy was living at that address through September 2008 the month you and Racheal married? The same home where you introduced Susan to Racheal as your house keeper.Wheres Cathy?Apparently, she was also getting mail at the apt you moved in to with Racheal at 7950 Jefferson Hwy apt:123 Baton Rouge La. Charles Dupre

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