Cesar Armenta Gonzales — Long Beach, California

Cesar Armenta Gonzales is my husband of over 13 years. He had an affair with a coworker, a Cambodian woman, Sonya Som. That woman kept texting him while we were spending family time. I was a great wife and an awesome mother. I work and went to real estate school to better our family life while this scumbag was busy cheating. He never contributed much as the man of the household. Very cruel, cold, selfish, and only into himself. His main focus was women, CrossFit, party, and alcohol. My daughter and I used to wait for him every night at home. Daughter would ask why daddy is always out late. When he does come home, he would be drunk and we would argue. When I found out Sonya Som sent him a text “I miss you” that’s when things went down hill for us. I tried to work out our marriage and forgave him but he’s not sorry. I kicked him out on our anniversary March 12, 2017. He had no where to go so he ended up at a wh**e shack and leeches off of the desperate home wrecker, Sonya Som. I didn’t know that until this year. While we were separated, he still comes around to work out our marriage. I was busy working two jobs and didn’t realize he was bringing my daughter around the mistress. That’s how selfish he was. Forcing me and my daughter to accept his affair. I gave everything to this man; a green card so he can get a decent job, a beautiful family, a nice home, and he threw everything away for a nasty home wrecker. He gave me nothing in return but major disappointment and betrayal. The selfish scumbag deserves to lose his green card and get deported. A 41 year old man that cannot afford his own place that he has to leech off of a side chick is not worth keeping. He’s a real loser and not independent. He lives off of a woman’s pussy. Women please beware. You can be the next victim of emotional abuse. I thank her for that, Sonya Som for taking out my garbage because this man had been nothing but a thorn in my life. A dead beat husband like Cesar can be found in a donkey’s ass.


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