Celia Navarro — Tuscon, Arizona

Was in a very happy relationship of almost 2 years. This chick came into my now exs life and he kept saying they are just friends he doesn’t like her she doesn’t like him like that. 4 weeks later shes taking him to the movies, paying to take him to dinner. Next thing I know she has him sleeping over in her bed with her. He still kept saying its nothing we just slept in the same bed, well we broke up and I went for another guy and he said I was cheating when we broke up cyz he was obviously with her now. He started dating her right after we broke up. So seems like she did like him and she had all intentions of getting rid of me so she could be with him she even moved to the same town as him right after they first meet. They are now together and he dropped outa school no longer wants to be in the police academy and gained a lot of weight. She’s a selfish man stealing peace of shit, she deserves to be on this site for what she did she planned this even moved closer to him to see him more. He f**ked up his life because of this b**ch and she’s a manipulative cunt. But in the end I obviously dodged a huge ass bullet.


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