Celeste Star – Pomona, California

Celeste Star (who has gone by other names such as Celeste Simone, Celesete Star, Celeste Starr, Seleste Star, and FTV Michelle, who comes from Pomona California) and who is an adult actress, female adult performer, and a female adult entertainer is a evil, wicked, deceitful, and a highly deceptive racist bigot whose skin color racism is against especially African-American men or Black men whose skin color she has great racist hatred towards.

Her racist hatred against them has hindered her greatly from being in a serious relationship with them because of the racist disgust she has of their skin color. Due to this fact Celeste Star must be permanently blacklisted and permanently condemned for being the ugly, despicable, poisonous, corrupt, venomous, malicious, vicious, sinister, malevolent, and black-hearted mentally sick skin color racist bigot she most certainly and most truthfully is.


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